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The Support Our Troops Fund is the official program providing financial support and assistance to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, veterans and their respective families. It is funded through individual and corporate donations, proceeds from third party events and Yellow Ribbon merchandise, and contributions by external organizations.

For tips on hosting a Curlers Care Support Our Troops 2-4 Bonspiel, see Getting Started.

Watch how the North Bay Military Family Resource Centre is helping Support Our Troops

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In March of 2015, the Parry Sound Curling Club, Parry Sound, Ontario hosted the 1st Annual Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel. The unique 2-4 format attracted 48 teams raising nearly $10,000.00 for the Military Families Fund of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services. The 2nd Annual in Parry Sound, March 2016, raised $14,000 for the MFF. Thanks to Bill Connor and staff of Connor Industries for their support.

With the support of Danny Lamoureux at Curling Canada, the Ottawa Curling Club held a 2-4 Spiel, Ottawa style, during the 2016 Tim Horton’s Brier in Ottawa. A powerful statement was made that curlers care for the morale and welfare of the members of the CAF and their families. Other curling clubs in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, have expressed interest in hosting a Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel in 2017. We’re on the move and look forward to participation from more curling clubs across Canada.

Cogeco News published February 6, 2018  The 4th Annual Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel