A picture of thanks to Parry Sound business for supporting Support Our Troops bonspiel

Bill Connor is pleased to receive an original painting from Curling Canada for his support of Curlers Care 2-4 Support Out Troops Curling. L to R: Tom Traversy, Curlers Care Committee; Al Bourgeois, President Parry Sound Curling Club; Bill Connor, Connor Industries; and Ray Pavlove, Curlers Care Committee.

Bill Connor and staff received a painting  and thanks from Danny Lamoureux, of Curling Canada. The plaque on the painting reads, “Thanks for Your Contribution to The Supporting Our Troops Bonspiel 2-4 Spiel Ottawa Style, March 7, 2016.”

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Parry Sound 2016 Results

Joanne and Ron Gill, centre, finished first in the Pool Shot Out and declared the Champions in the 2nd Annual Parry Sound.  Al Bourgeois,on left and Tom Traversy. far right, present the Gill’s with their award. Their Pool was sponsored by RTP  Mechanical Ltd.


Second Place Team

Shelly van Erp and Steven Holmes, centre, came in second place in the pool sponsored by Airtron.  Melissa Hayhurst and Al Bourgeois congratulate them on their achievement.

Four Teams Tied for Third 

Al Bourgeois, Parry Sound Curling Club President, on left, with Bill Sheridan and Don Cull who won the Pool sponsored by Ken & Nancy Gallinger. with Tom Traversy, event organizer on right.


Ray Pavlove, on left, with Tom Traversy, far right  congratulate , Daivd Hanna and Claire Randell, on winning the Ben & Carol Hansen pool.



Winner of the TD Canada Trust Pool were Bob Gilman and Jim Cox, on left, with TD Canada Trust employee Fawn Horvath and Al Bourgeois, Parry Sound Curling Club President.


Tom Traversy congratulates Nanci Beers and Phil Lewkowski for raising $600.00 and finishing in 3rd place in the 2nd Annual Curlers Care Support Our Troops Bonspiel.

Parry Sound Bonspiel Supports Veterans’ Families

Parry Sound North Star – By Sarah Bissonette
group photo
The granddaughter and great-great-grandsons of the highly decorated World War I veteran Francis Pegamagabow played the ceremonial first stone Saturday morning. Here they are front centre, Karen Pegamagabow, second from left, holding Simon Pegamagabow, 9, Wes Pegamagabow, 9 and Dakota Walker, 11

An event started in Parry Sound is now part of the Tim Hortons Brier. The second annual 2-4 Supporting Our Troops Bonspiel was held at the Parry Sound Curling Club March 4 to 6 in support of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services’ Military Family Fund. Veterans Tom Traversy and Ray Pavlove organize the event.

This year’s event had 44 teams and raised more than $13,161, easily outdoing last year’s amount of less than $10,000. The opening ceremonies were held on the ice, with the curlers facing members of CFB Borden and OPP officers along with dignitaries, air cadets and Wasauksing’s Little Spirit Singers who stood below a large Canadian flag.

“We gather with pride here today beneath this beautiful, powerful, and enduring symbol,” said MC Jim Hanna. “We are forever thankful to the late Ernie Watthey (World Ward II veteran) for the use of this flag. It has seen our country from atop the Peace Tower, representing all of our nation’s greatest qualities.”

From the Parry Sound Curling Club Sunday Ray headed to the Tim Horton’s Brier in Ottawa with Al Bourgrois. There, Ray presented the cheque Monday afternoon as part of the first ever Support Our Troops day.

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Results from Ottawa 2016

Ray Pavlove proudly presents on stage in the Brier Patch, during Support Our Troops Day at the 2016 Tim Horton’s Brier.

Signed Bobby Orr Hall of Fame jerseys were presented to the Ottawa winner, Greg Artichuk from Ottawa.

During the presentation Ray invited curling clubs from across Canada to host a 2-4 Bonspiel as a way of showing support, appreciation and gratitude to all the men and women who serve, or who have served, in the Canadian Armed Forces and to all those who serve our communities on a daily basis, the Police, Firefighters, and EMS.

2-4 Supporting Our Troops Bonspiel is Growing

Parry Sound North Star – Rotary Outlook

The Second Annual 2-4 Supporting Our Troops Bonspiel will be hosted once again by the Parry Sound Curling Club (PSCC) on March 4, 5, and 6, 2016. The event kicks off with a Beer and Wing Night hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion on Friday, March 4 starting at 7 p.m. Curling starts bright and early Saturday morning and will end on Sunday afternoon with Closing Ceremonies and presentation of prizes at 2.15 p.m. There will also be a cheque presentation to the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) Military Families Fund (MFF) in the amount of donations and pledges collected by the curlers. Last year we raised nearly $10,000 for the Military Families Fund and hope to do even better this year. Anyone interested in participating or making a pledge can contact the PSCC. All proceeds and pledges will go to the Military Families Fund in support of our local veterans and active service personnel who require assistance.

Tom Traversy, a veteran with the CAF and local curler on the organizing committee, has said, “The opening ceremonies will take place at the curling club at 11 a.m., Saturday, March 5. We invite all veterans, past and present, as well as, OPP and EMS personnel, firefighters, Legion members and Air Cadets to join all of the participating curlers in the opening ceremonies. We will be assembling at 10:30 a.m., ready to be paraded onto the ice, led by a local piper, along with a colour party from CFB Borden at 11 a.m. Veterans are welcome and encouraged to wear their uniforms and medals. It is a time for us to show our respect and appreciation to those who serve, or have served, our country. To show them we care. Following the opening ceremonies lunch will be provided for all veterans at the curling club. The opening ceremonies are a very significant and important part of the event. It gives meaning to our 2-4 Bonspiel.”

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Local curlers present at Curling Canada Summit

Parry Sound presents to Curling Canada
Pictured from left, Ray Pavlove, Danny Lamoureux director championship services and curling club development Curling Canada, Shirley Osborne governor Curling Canada Board of Governors and Tom Traversy.

The 2-4 Supporting our Troops Bonspiel hosted by the Parry Sound Curling Club this past March received interest from Curling Canada as organizers Tom Traversy and Ray Pavlove were invited to give a presentation to the Curling Canada Summit in Collingwood.

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Parry Sound 2015 Results

“Gryphons” Team, Debby Pavlove and Andrew Cunsolo from Guelph, captured the 1st Annual Supporting our Troops Bonspiel by scoring the highest total points with a draw to the button against the five other Pool Champions.

Pavlove put her rock in the 4 foot, while Cunsolo drew the button.

2015 champs
Vern Kennedy, President of the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 117, on right, congratulates Debby Pavlove  and Andrew Cunsolo, winners of the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 117 Pool C and overall champions.