Grace Hutchins pays tribute to our troops with a poem

Respect Honour Gratitude

By: Grace Hutchins

When the world was in urgent need,
The brave ones arose with a helping hand.
There was no thought of awards and no greed,
Just those who wanted to take a stand.
They gave up their freedom, family and home,
Sacrificed the normal life they once had,
Walked into a situation where the outcome was unknown,
Fought for the good and destroyed the bad.
They fought for freedom and peace,
Traveled to foreign land and shores,
Worked hard for gratitude and release,
In these long, cold and awful wars.
We salute the ones who are here today,
Giving respect to the uniform they wear,
Remembering their service – the perfect display,
Despite the pain, sorrow and despair.
Here is to our country’s best,
To all that they went through,
Their services are above all the rest,
Let’s give them the honour that is due.