Local curlers present at Curling Canada Summit

Parry Sound presents to Curling Canada
Pictured from left, Ray Pavlove, Danny Lamoureux director championship services and curling club development Curling Canada, Shirley Osborne governor Curling Canada Board of Governors and Tom Traversy.

The 2-4 Supporting our Troops Bonspiel hosted by the Parry Sound Curling Club this past March received interest from Curling Canada as organizers Tom Traversy and Ray Pavlove were invited to give a presentation to the Curling Canada Summit in Collingwood.

“It was a great opportunity for us to share with curling club managers and Provincial Curling Association representatives from across Canada the idea of using the 2-4 Bonspiel format of two curlers on a team each throwing four rocks for four ends for a  Curlers Care Bonspiel in support of our troops veterans and their families,” said Traversy.

“What we did in Parry Sound served as a model, as it provided an opportunity for curlers and those who pledged money to express their sincere appreciation gratitude, honour and support to the men and women and their families who have served or who are serving in the CAF,” said Pavlove.

“Our proposal was to invite curling clubs across Canada to host a Curlers Care 2-4 Bonspiel in their community. With over 1000 curling clubs in Canada and about 1.3 million curlers. Just think of the impact, if only 10 percent of the curling clubs on Canada got involved. Who knows where it might lead. This event also has the potential to enhance curling membership across Canada as non curlers are most welcome participate.” Traversy said they are looking forward to hearing from interested communities across the country.

“We are also looking forward to hosting the second in Parry Sound next March. Anyone interested in participating or being a sponsor can contact myself or Ray Pavlove for more information,” he said.

Any CAF members past or present can go to supportourtroops.ca or Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services for assistance and follow the links to the Military Families Fund.