Eight teams are organized in a pool, and each pool plays a 4-Event System. All teams are guaranteed three 1-hour games. Once all pool winners are declared they advance to a “Championship Draw-to-the-Button”. Both curlers from each team throw a shot to the button and both shots are scored. The team with the highest score is declared the Champion. Any competition format is acceptable. Fun and participation is the key.
Rock On!

Pools can be organized in a variety of ways

Each pool can have teams of:

  • all inexperienced curlers-what a great way to introduce new curlers to the game
  • experienced curlers seeded according to level of skill
  • any combination of family members from grandparents to grandchildren
  • Air Cadets, CAF Members or Veterans
  • representatives from companies, businesses, media,sports figures, different countries or provinces

The pool system creates a fun atmosphere limited only by imagination and creativity.
How cool is that!