Hosting a 2-4


Two people per team, each throwing 4 rocks for four ends. Sweeping from the hog line in, by player calling the shot. details


  • Inclusive opening ceremonies, featuring Military Colour Party, CAF members, Veterans,
    sponsors and all curlers
  • A turkey dinner which is associated with giving thanks and celebrations.
  • Inviting teams of non curlers & local celebrities
  • A silent auction table
  • Hosting a beer & wings night
  • Obtain sponsors for each pool
  • Encouraging creative team names
  • Awarding modest prizes to all pool winners.
  • Prizes for top fundraising teams, most┬áhospitable teams, etc.
  • Displaying military memorabilia
  • Media participation
  • Sharing your event on social media

We all know someone who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Organizing a 2-4 in support of the men and women in the CAF and their families is a profound way to show our Respect, Honour, and Gratitude for their service.

Curlers do Care!