Curlers Care strengthens ties with CFMWS HQ in Ottawa

Curlers Care represented on CFMWS Wall of Honour

Brieanne White, Support Our Troops Coordinator of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), proudly holds a mounted picture taken at the 2nd Annual Parry Sound Curlers Care 2-4 Support Our Troops Bonspiel.

The picture will join memorabilia representing all the other Canadian organizations and groups who support our troops, on the Wall of Honour at the the Head Office of the CFMWS headquarters in Ottawa.

Grace Hutchins pays tribute to our troops with a poem

Respect Honour Gratitude

By: Grace Hutchins

When the world was in urgent need,
The brave ones arose with a helping hand.
There was no thought of awards and no greed,
Just those who wanted to take a stand.
They gave up their freedom, family and home,
Sacrificed the normal life they once had,
Walked into a situation where the outcome was unknown,
Fought for the good and destroyed the bad.
They fought for freedom and peace,
Traveled to foreign land and shores,
Worked hard for gratitude and release,
In these long, cold and awful wars.
We salute the ones who are here today,
Giving respect to the uniform they wear,
Remembering their service – the perfect display,
Despite the pain, sorrow and despair.
Here is to our country’s best,
To all that they went through,
Their services are above all the rest,
Let’s give them the honour that is due.

First Curlers Care SOT 2-4 in Martensville, SK, is a success

Don Klassen receives a donation on behalf of the Support Our Troops Fund, from Larry Pavloff of the Martensville Curling Club.

Read more about Martensville’s first Curlers Care Support Our Troops 2-4 Bonspiel.

Don served as a Peace Keeper in Cyprus starting in 1971. Don was with the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry. Thank you to Don for taking time to come out for the photo and a sincere thank you for serving for our country.

I hope Support Our Troops curling events can enhance the awareness of the dedication, service and commitment that Don and other Canadian Veterans have made for our country.

Thanks Don.

— Larry Pavloff

Results of the 2016 World Boxing Day Curling Championship (Martensville Division)

The competition came to a final between Erik Pavloff (Saskatoon) / Dymitri Pavlove (Calgary) against Patty Rock (Saskatoon) / Gabe Curtis (Victoria).

A very well played game, with
claiming the 2016 Championship. Congratulations to them and all the curlers who participated in this year’s 2-4 Support Our Troops Curling Fundraiser.

Martensville 2016 Champs

A picture of thanks to Parry Sound business for supporting Support Our Troops bonspiel

Bill Connor is pleased to receive an original painting from Curling Canada for his support of Curlers Care 2-4 Support Out Troops Curling. L to R: Tom Traversy, Curlers Care Committee; Al Bourgeois, President Parry Sound Curling Club; Bill Connor, Connor Industries; and Ray Pavlove, Curlers Care Committee.

Bill Connor and staff received a painting  and thanks from Danny Lamoureux, of Curling Canada. The plaque on the painting reads, “Thanks for Your Contribution to The Supporting Our Troops Bonspiel 2-4 Spiel Ottawa Style, March 7, 2016.”

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Parry Sound 2016 Results

Joanne and Ron Gill, centre, finished first in the Pool Shot Out and declared the Champions in the 2nd Annual Parry Sound.  Al Bourgeois,on left and Tom Traversy. far right, present the Gill’s with their award. Their Pool was sponsored by RTP  Mechanical Ltd.


Second Place Team

Shelly van Erp and Steven Holmes, centre, came in second place in the pool sponsored by Airtron.  Melissa Hayhurst and Al Bourgeois congratulate them on their achievement.

Four Teams Tied for Third 

Al Bourgeois, Parry Sound Curling Club President, on left, with Bill Sheridan and Don Cull who won the Pool sponsored by Ken & Nancy Gallinger. with Tom Traversy, event organizer on right.


Ray Pavlove, on left, with Tom Traversy, far right  congratulate , Daivd Hanna and Claire Randell, on winning the Ben & Carol Hansen pool.



Winner of the TD Canada Trust Pool were Bob Gilman and Jim Cox, on left, with TD Canada Trust employee Fawn Horvath and Al Bourgeois, Parry Sound Curling Club President.


Tom Traversy congratulates Nanci Beers and Phil Lewkowski for raising $600.00 and finishing in 3rd place in the 2nd Annual Curlers Care Support Our Troops Bonspiel.